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Seven days into year 2010, I received a revelation that prompted me to question my purpose in life. The revelation was unexpected and unsolicited, but very necessary.

The revelation prompted me to dwell on which route best described my existence? Take the time to dwell on this for yourself.

(1) Life is great, you think you are serving your purpose, and nothing can stop you;

(2) Life is good, you don't quite know your purpose, but you are aggressively striving towards discovery;

(3) Life is just okay; you are merely going through the motions, and "it is what it is;"

(4) Life is hell on Earth; you don't believe you have purpose and don't care;

(5) None of the above;

(6) Fill in and post ____________________________________________________

Back then, I wasn't who I thought I really was, and where I was at the time is definitely not where I am today. THE REVELATION WAS LIFE CHANGING!

Life changing moments are God's way of smacking us in the face with a reality check. Whether received through an inconspicuous package, an angel in disguise, an unlikely source, or an ordinary event...we should take heed to the little voice in our head and the experiences we encounter daily...they are telling us "It's time for change."

Whichever route best describes your existence, an unexpected and unsolicited God sent revelation may one day make you question your purpose in life. Seven days into year 2010 was that day for me. I prayed that the message not get lost in transition and for me to get out of my own way. More importantly, I worked toward allowing the revelation to create a new and improved course for my life. Today, I am continuing on a righteous path, but there is always room for improvement.

Be Blessed!

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