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Sacrificial or Influential

As working women, the sacrifices we make for our children, our families, our community, our health and even our sanity are not in vain. What does it take to realize that we don't have to be everything to everybody every time! Although we symbolize sacrifice, we also symbolize knowledge, love, bravery, care, power, service, wholeness, heroism, peace, courage, responsibility, passion, generosity, commitment and the nurturing spirits God commands us to be. A woman's work inside and outside the home is never done. However, are you more sacrificial or influential?

Women who make sacrifices merely for the sake of economic prosperity or "getting ahead" may struggle and never prosper. However, there is no greater sacrifice than a cooperative and engaging relationship with God. Are you juggling life? Moreover, is life juggling you?? Take a minute to focus on your sacrificial behaviors and where God fits into the equation. Stop struggling to "do it all" and allow Him to help you do as much as you can. In that way, we become so much more influential instead of sacrificial!

Be Blessed!

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